Since 1996 Herzog Forsttechnik has been constructing own machines and fits your forestry machinery with options MADE IN ZUMHOLZ. We help you to find a suitable option or a new machine. Call us for assistance.


Our traction winches are available as an option on your forestry machinery and also as external traction winch. Please choose a type for more information.

Traction winch for Forwarder

Traction winch for Harvester

External traction winch MW500

Traction winch «Light»

Traction winch for 3-point linkage

External traction winch MW500R


We build own yarders with a range of 400 up to 2000 meters. Please choose a type for more information.

Grizzly 400

Grizzly 700

Grizzly 1000

Grizzly SBW 6000

Combined logging system

We offer a complete solution for combined long and short wood logging for Ponsse Buffalo. With its modular conception you can compose your customised version.

Logging system for Harvester

With our specialised and modular system we transform your harvester in a multifunctional machine. Available for PONSSE Ergo and PONSSE Bear – other models on request.


The Bogielift simplifies to mount chains and tracks and it also reduces the turning radius of the machine. Additionally it improves the cross-country mobility of your PONSSE Ergo, Buffalo, Elk or Wisent. The optional active balancing enhances the gradeability.

Crane tilt

For the PONSSE Wisent in use in steep slopes we provide a conversion kit for the crane tilt. With this conversion, the crane can tilt up to 26° which makes the work on steep slopes more efficient and more ergonomic for the driver.

Seat tilt plate

The seat-tilt-plate is tiltable up to 20° and is mounted between the driver’s seat and the cabin floor. It enables an ergonomic, less tiring seat position on steep slopes.

Sun compass

The sun compass is a small and simple, yet incredibly useful instrument. Designed for a latitude of 47° N it indicates how much solar irradiation you can expect on a specific location at the moment of your choice.

Custom machine engineering

We build machines according to your needs. Your work requests a machine not yet available on the market but you already have a specific idea? Call us, we will help you to find a suitable solution. Herzog Forsttechnik has gathered a considerable knowledge from which you can benefit. With our equipment we are substantially able to meet your needs.

Since 2009 Herzog Forsttechnik has been selling PONSSE products in Switzerland and we assist you with our after-sales service. The manufacturer of forestry machinery PONSSE is a synonymous for quality and innovation worldwide. Call us for questions and advices for your machine selection.


PONSSE forwarders are full of power and comfort, also in difficult terrain. Efficient timber hauling while saving the environment.


PONSSE’s versatile and efficient harvesters guarantee the best productivity, and they adapt easily to all kinds of environments.

Harvester heads

Ponsse’s harvester heads have a solid structure, powerful functions and precise controls. Superior performance in all size categories!

Since 1994 Herzog Forsttechnik has been representing Konrad Forsttechnik from Preitenegg (Austria) in Switzerland. With their many years of experience they are a reliable partner. Call us for questions and advices for your machine selection.


With its gripping function the WOODY can not only lumber and delimb, but also grade, stockpile and load timber. The unique and patented geometry of the WOODY framework also enables the processing of leaf trees and crooked timber.


A professional Timber harvest on steep slopes needs a professional equipment. With the ergonomic thoughtful concept of the machine, the mountain harvester MOUNTY sets new standards. Perfectly matched components create an economical and powerful machine.


The KMS 4000 is a remote controlled skyline crane mounted on a tandem trailer.
An automatic drive function of the carriage is standard to increase the productivity.


With the new radio controlled skyline crane LIFTLINER 4000 it is possible to operate the functions
“load up/down” and „moving the crane“ at the same time. That is why one can work very efficient and careful when thinning the forest, and it is also possible, to place the trees exactly on the desired spot at the offloading point.


The economical solution for first thinning

The Konrad Thinning Harvester (KDH40-1) with Woody WH40-1 is the answer for following question: Are first thinning economical? With the tracked harvester KDH from Konrad definitely!


In steep and extremely difficult terrain the machine reaches an enormous terrain flexibility. The HIGHLANDER offers more than the climbing ability of a trucked machine and the advantages of a wheel driven machine. One version: Highlander Basic – the powerful alternative to a excavator processor.

In January 2019 we have launched a new product: with our partner Heizomat we get into the Swiss market for wood chippers. We can assist you with sales advices and after-sales service.

Hand-feed chippers

The hand-feed HEIZOHACK wood chip machines are very suitable for inter-forestry association usage, forestry operations associations and similarly also as a private wood chip machine for the production of wood chips for the own wood chip heating system.

Crane-feed chippers

Crane-feed HEIZOHACK wood chipping machines are powerful professional machines for contractors or associations. With the HEIZOHACK wood chip machines, all wood waste such as slats, beams, logs, blocks and branches and whole tree trunks with a diameter of up to 80 cm can be processed with a low power requirement.

Pallet chippers

The SPE – 1300 chops with pins and spax pallets, construction timber, boards and many more to high quality wood chips.


Based on a Mercedes Arocs 2051 4×4, the HEIZOTRUCK has been developed for challenging works in the forestry and agricultural sector. The HEIZOTRUCK is applicable very flexibly with its standard equipment.

Used machines